Tilboð á Skerðiensímum – Offer on Restriction Endonucleases from New England Biolabs

In March, buy three restriction endonucleases from New England Biolabs in one single order and get the fourth one for FREE*

Over 40 years, New England have been a leader in restriction enzymes technologies. NEB scientists continue to improve its portfolio of restriction enzymes, as well as explore their utility in new technologies. As a result, NEB scientists continue to publish scientific papers and to be awarded grants in this area

Restriction enzymes from New england Biolabs are:

• 285 restriction enzymes, the largest selection commercially available.
• More than 215 restriction enzymes are 100% active in the Cut Smart buffer.
• 194 restriction enzymes are Time Saver qualified – 5-15 minutes.
• Choose a High Fidelity (HF) restriction enzyme which has been engineered for reduced star activity, rapid digestion and 100% activity in CutSmart buffer.

Clich here to access to restriction enzyme portfolio from New England Biolabs.

Moreover New England Biolabs has developped free web interactive tools for restriction enzyme research :

Enzyme finder. Find restriction enzyme by name, sequence or overhang.

Double digest finder: Look for double digest compatibilty

NEBcutter: Look for single cut in ORF of any submitted sequence

REBase – Is a dynamic curated database of restriction enzymes and related proteins.

And don‘t forget the 2018 NEB catalogue with almost 50 pages of information on performance, optimization and troubleshooting on Restriction Enzymes.

Available at Medor.

To get advantage from this offer, just place your order as usual at Medor, mentioning RENEB18.

Contact remi@medor.is for further information on these offer.

*the free item will be the cheapest of the four.