Annual conference of the Nordic Microscopy Society

MEDOR has been part of the Annual conference of the Nordic Microscopy Society hosted by the University of Iceland June 5-9 2017.

Malin Stridh imaging specialist from Thermo Fisher has been presenting the new EVOS FL auto 2 Microscope who raised a lot of interest among participants.

The EVOS FL Auto 2 is the latest generation of the fully automated, digital inverted multi-channel fluorescence and transmitted-light imaging system. This EVOS FL auto 2 system supports high resolution live-cell imaging, mosaic tiling, multiposition well scanning, cell counting with thresholding and time-lapse studies.

The microscope was used under Malin‘s supervision at a workshop organized at Læknagaður on Monday June 5th. The workshop was conjointly organized by the University of Iceland and the Chromosome department of the University Hospital. The „Telomere PNA FISH kit/Cy3“ kit from Agilent was used and high quality images were aquired.

During the conference the EVOS FL Auto 2 was presented at the MEDOR/ ThermoFisher Scientific booth were all visitors could try and manipulate the microscope.

See below a picture of Chromosomes (blue), centromeres (green) and telomeres (red) taken during the workshop with the EVOS FL auto 2 (Courtesy of Birna Þorvaldsdóttir from the Instutite of cancer research, University of Iceland).